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On the 13.02.2014 appeared the 6th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. Introducing a new twist and fresh thinking to DEAD CERT. Records, the Red Letter series will see 4 totally new remixes of previously released tracks.

DEADCERT006 Red Letter:

Remy Kruyer - Into The System (Miss Sunshine 1.0 Remix): In contrast to the remix on the Into The System EP, this version posesses a more sinister sound whilst also being deep and hypnotic.

Mael - Insulate (Rich Jones Remix): Rich flips the original on it's head for a funked up, tripped out, experimental style which rolls around the brain with plenty of power to behind it.

Tortured - Acidbased (Hefty Bad Trip Remix): If you like a bit of eeriness then Hefty is the man to see, complementing the original superbly and yet gives it a whole new lease of life.

Alex Scherz - Stream (Trysh Alexander Remix): No messing around, Trysh Alexander adds to the power of the original by giving it a more driving and mesmorising soul for the darker heads.



01. Remy Kruyer - Into The System (Miss Sunshine 1.0 Remix)
02. Mael - Insulate (Rich Jones Remix)
03. Tortured - Acidbased (Hefty Bad Trip Remix)
04. Alex Scherz - Stream (Trysh Alexander Remix)

Title: Red Letter
Artist: VA
Release: DEADCERT006
Release Date: 13.02.2014

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