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On the 13.01.2014 appeared the 1st special edition of the italian label Phobiq Recordings with a more experimental deeper approach to techno. The Berlin based, Greek producer Nikola Gala brings in Phobiq his depth of production.

PHOBIQLE001 Nikola Gala Siren:

Phobiq Recordings keep our eyes on them again, this time announcing a special, more experimental edition of underground Techno. Nikola Gala makes his full debut with Siren EP cleverly noding to the dark side.

He has a proven record of succesful releases with Rekids, Plastic City, Suara, Freerange and Ibadan and continues to excite us with his depth of production and sharp tech edge .In Siren EP he uses his own qualitative way and reaches out once more to a slightly different yet pure techno audience.

Things get started with title track Siren where echoing vocal chops announce departure. Sirens, barking chords and a perfect rolling snare build up tension, reaching progressively to the peak. Nikola utilises each element of the track to devastating effect creating a deep, evolving techno monster here.

The Time is laced with discordant riffs and a distinct detuned stab enhancing the haunted atmospherics. Atonal synths and a male vocal stab rasp away before he brings it all in together. A persisant ascending string melody and beautifully opened hihats on top perfect this beauty!

Gossip starts us off with a raw low bass before a hypnotizing high piched synth stab takes action. Cricketing percussions and staccato chops indulge you to follow the rhythm while sparse closed hihats play the game bringing graciously all elements together!

In Germanium cavernous bass and marching drums set the tone while a warm tech synth fills in and out. Smooth continuous razor sharps make every techno audience to keep heads down religiously on this one!

Diode boasts beautiful horn stab manipulation while flangering, echoing notes knit a serious groove and show us Nikolas acute eye to production detail.


01. Nikola Gala - Siren (Original Mix)
02. Nikola Gala - The Time (Original Mix)
03. Nikola Gala - Gossip (Original Mix)
04. Nikola Gala - Germanium (Original Mix)
05. Nikola Gala - Diode (Original Mix)

Title: Siren EP
Artist: Nikola Gala
Release: PHOBIQLE001
Release Date: 13.01.2014

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