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On the 25.11.2013 appeared the 5th release of the label DEAD CERT. Herz Bass hit back with a killer single on the label. His new EP IX12 comes up with Remixes by Hans Bouffmyhre, Remy Kruyer and William Welt & Jack Who.

DEADCERT005 Herz Bass IX12:

Georgian's, Levan and Lasha's latest release follows a couple of great EPs on Herzschlag and Berlin Aufnahmen with some more works due in the near future. Remix duty is supplied by the mighty Sleaze Records honcho Hans Bouffmyhre along with stellar Dutch talent Remy Kruyer and the DEAD CERT. bosses.

IX12 (Original Mix) - An awkward and bizarre groover that stands it's own ground with ease, sure to ruin plenty of club dancefloors with some brash bass wobbles.

IX12 (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) - Hans Bouffmyhre gives the original more of a signature Sleazey sound that adds suspense and a sustained driving style.

IX12 (Remy Kruyer Remix) - Harnessing a deep and spaced out style throughout with plenty of atmospherics, Remy shows again why he is one to watch.

IX12 (William Welt & Jack! Who? Remix) - The DEAD CERT. Records owners give their take, conveying a slick style contrast of darker edged vibes with a deep touch.


01. Herz Bass - IX12 (Original Mix)
02. Herz Bass - IX12 (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
03. Herz Bass - IX12 (Remy Kruyer Remix)
04. Herz Bass - IX12 (William Welt & Jack! Who? Remix)

Title: IX12
Artist: Herz Bass
Release: DEADCERT005
Release Date: 25.11.2013

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