Releases • DEADCERT004 Black Mail II

On the 28.10.2013 appeared the 4th release of the label DEAD CERT. The 2nd of the Black Mail series, full of hand picked tracks that deliver some outrageous and creative techno styles whilst providing a platform for some new artists.

Black Mail II:

24 Channels of Madness - Take a hypnotic ride into some deep realms of techno and surrealism.

Insulate - This track rips and tears through some powerful and intense sounds dripping with atmosphere.

The Bug - A developing and abstract rhythm that progresses into an awesome techno roller.

Time to Close - Balancing out a deep vibe with funky and twisted undertones, it's laced with a unique style.


01. Ged Lever - 24 Channels of Madness (Original Mix)
02. Mael - Insulate (Original Mix)
03. Hypnos - The Bug (Original Mix)
04. HDRX - Time to Close (Original Mix)

Title: Black Mail II
Artist: VA
Release: DEADCERT004
Release Date: 28.10.2013

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