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On the 26.08.2013 appeared the 2nd release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. The L.A. based Tortured has dropped 3 dark sounding killer tracks. The EP comes up with a powerfull remix of the first track Inhale by Audio Injection.

DEADCERT002 Tortured Narcotics:

Introducing 17-year-old talent Tortured from Los Angeles. Harnessing an ear for dark, tripped out techno, he has a highly unique style and dirty funk like nothing we have come across before. Enlisting fellow L.A. local Audio Injection for remix duty, he gives the lead piece an even more driving take... a real juggernaut.

Inhale - This track weaves cloudy electronic textures over a seemingly haphazard beat and it does with vigour. The drums eventually transpire into a full on orchestrated assault and everything falls into place.

Inhale - (Audio Injection Remix) - Unlike its predecessor the remix is certainly more disciplined, its slick ceaseless stomp drives the track allowing the original elements to amalgamate effortlessly. Decidedly flawless!

Acidbased - This airy track really creeps and creaks. Together the imposing bass and haunting tweaks really push the idea of trepidation. If this track doesn't make your skin crawl, it's on too tight!

Angel Dust - Stripped back and fundamental, this track explores the modest concept of simplicity and does so with dynamism. It's driven by an incessant thud and is supplemented with atmospheric waves capriciously peeling back the darker layers. It's unassuming and direct, like a kick in the crotch.


01. Tortured - Inhale (Original Mix)
02. Tortured - Inhale (Audio Injection Remix)
03. Tortured - Acidbased (Original Mix)
04. Tortured - Angel Dust (Original Mix)

Title: Tortured
Artist: Narcotics
Release: DEADCERT002
Release Date: 26.08.2013

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