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On the 15.07.2013 appeared the new release of the label Truesoul. With False Widow Reset Robot has droped an really awesome Release with 4 different tracks. The title track comes up with a unbelievable groove and a hypnotic vibe.

TRUE1246 Reset Robot False Widow:

Reset Robot is no stranger to Truesoul. Having had 3 previous releases this new EP is his best yet.

Starting with the title track False Widow, Reset Robot introduces a low throbbing sound to give the initial groove of the track before the cyclic melodic synth gives the track its character.

The Measure uses a delayed stab to create a big impression whilst it layers itself over a swelling pad sound that whisks itself in-and-out of the track before a vocal stab is introduced.

Doug Dougan is a slowed down jam that uses a more melodic bass line to the rest of the EP. The underlying pad sound builds and rises to create the tension within the track before exploding back into a chugging groove.

The fourth track Hello Wendy is also on the slower side of the EP and creates a cool groove by combining percussion and a groovy bass line to work synonymously.


01. Reset Robot - False Widow (Original Mix)
02. Reset Robot - The Measure (Original Mix)
03. Reset Robot - Doug Dougan (Original Mix)
04. Reset Robot - Hello Wendy (Original Mix)

Title: False Widow
Artist: Reset Robot
Release: TRUE1246
Release Date: 15.07.2013

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