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On Friday, 22.03.2019 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.two a new edition of Below En Gedi. Elanetique presents you all about deep house, emotions and beautiful melodies, exciting rhythms and wonderful vocals.

Elanetique is not so much a name, but rather a homage to music and to everything that Marc Elan - the man behind the project - has contributed to music and links him to it.

Marc came under the spell of electronic music during his early childhood in the 1980´s. He ingested his parents’ disco records and pioneers of the time such as J.M. Jarre, Vangelis or Kraftwerk with his mother’s milk.

And then came Around the World from Daft Punk's and changed the work as he knew it. He had no idea back then what kind of sound he was listening to, but it was love at first sight - HOUSE MUSIC!

The 1990’s and beginning of the new millennium was a crazy period. The motto of the times was: Are you still dancing or already partying? By Monday, everyone was anxiously awaiting the next weekend - the next party. People lived the spiritual thing and partied till dawn in the clubs.

Marc’s urge to radiate the magic of the night steadily grew, and the first vinyls and turntables were soon his own. Positive feedback and unremitting coaxing from his friends to play in clubs and not just in small circles encouraged Elanetique to move forward and step out into the world.

The journey was difficult, yet it has paid off. He now looks back on unforgettable nights in clubs such as the Magdalena, the Baalsaal and the Poocabar and the egaBOX - just to name a few.

Elanetique is in his element when he gets people to dance and stirs them with music. Just playing music is not enough for him, his classical music education in trumpet and piano ultimately was not to have been in vain.

A lot of sweat and time has passed but his immense passion for music has remained, and Marc has presented his first successes.

His remix of the Bee Gees classic, Stayin’ Alive, struck like a bombshell, and he immediately became a mainstay at Karera Records. Today, Marc can call to mind many of his own EP’s, tracks and remixes which have also appeared on Spirit Soul Records, Tiefblau Records or Musica Gourmet.

He is off and running and passion is pushing him forward. 4 to the floor - for life! Elanetique can be heard each friday at 20:00 CET on soe.two, with his own radio show Below En Gedi. Turn on and let you travel with.

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