Materia Music • Kyle Geiger


On Saturday, 02.03.2019 expects you at 18:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Materia Music. This time the Berlin based artist Kyle Geiger, who is known for releases on Drumcode, Soma, Droid, Sleaze or Perc Trax.

Humility is not generally a quality that ranks high on the list of things for which an average techno DJ is known. Kyle Geiger isn’t your average DJ/producer. From his marathon sets at legendary clubs like Berghain to his pounding yet melodic productions, there are plenty of notable musical accomplishments on his resumè.

When you scratch the surface though, what you find is a genuinely humble human with a true passion for techno and a love for DJing. The kind of grateful joy you find in those who come from small Midwestern towns in the U.S., and find themselves relocated to an area where techno is so widely consumed: decades of experience collecting and programming music for some of the toughest crowds to be finally rewarded with chances to play in venues that have carried the music to where it is today.

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