Materia Music • Pearl Vision


On Saturday, 02.02.2019 expects you at 18:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Materia Music. This time the Belgium based artist duo Pearl Vision, a new project founded by Dany Rodriguez and his partner Tindra.

Belgium’s Dany Rodriguez and his partner, Tindra created Pearl Vision last year. Recording now for over a decade, Dany Rodriguez has released on a host of high profile labels including his own, RMR.

Tindra also has a long background in electronic music and began spinning records in the early ‘90s but she chose not to play publicly until last year.

Nevertheless over the years her and Dany have not only shared the clubbing experience but also time in the studio where she has brought her own unique ideas, so it was a natural progression to create music together.

Dany and Tindra soon discovered that they worked in emotional harmony. The creative process they shared could deliver some magical moments, and so Pearl Vision was born.

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