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On Sunday, 21.10.2018 expects you at 16:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Slam Radio. This time the Stockholm based artist TM404, who is known for releases on Semantica, Echocord, Mille Plateaux or Repeatle.

TM404 made it’s live debut at Berghain, Berlin during the CTM Festival in January 2013. Since then, there’s been sweaty gigs in lots of countries and places. Tokyo, Nagano, Taipei, Shanghai, New York City, Bern, Venice has all witnessed TM404 and his analog hardware live sets.

Richie Hawtin is a fan and has invited the man behind TM404 twice to his Enter experience at Space, Ibiza. Hawtin also included TM404 in his lineup for Mutek, Montreal and The Warehouse Project, Manchester.

No wonder Mr. Plastikman digs what Tilliander, the man behind the TM404 moniker does. Depending on the situation, a live PA could be chilled out and dubby but there’s also been full on acid techno sets. TM404 is not a one-guy-with-a-laptop-experience. The main instruments on stage is three Roland TB-303’s and some drum machines, fx and samplers.

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