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On Saturday, 27.10.2018 expects you at 18:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Materia Music. This time with the London based legendary artist The Advent, who is well-known for his massive work in the scene.

Cisco's career began more or less after leaving school (1986) He studied Sound Enginnering for 3 years at Paddington College and worked/intern as a sound engineer for Zolou Studios / The Wall.

Which is also where one of the 1st Uk House/Techno Labels was based - Jack Trax Records. They ended up booking him for several sessions working with artists from the label - Derrick May, Fingers Inc, Adonis, Marshall Jefferson, Jazzy M.

His other sound engineering credits at the time include Carl Macintosh AKA Loose Ends, Bang the Party & Shock Sound System (Ashley Beadle) featuring Corol Leming, P.I.L., Robert Plant, Sly Dunbar, Maxi Priest. Collaborations with Jay Denham for Bio Rhythms 2 & KCL PROJECT - Network Records, K.C.C.- Azuli Records, Manuel & Clive - ITP Records & Warp Records.

Solo releases include. The 1988 New Beat classic Space Opera (electro wave) & also The Project on R&S Records - Belgium. The eponymously titled Cisco Ferreira EP on Fragile Records (FRG01.), and co productions with CJ Bolland on The 4th Sign LP / Mantra, Camarage, Nightbreed and Live At Universe for R&S Records, Mundo Musique, Robert Leiner, Salt Tank, Mental Overdrive & Keith Franklin (SLF).

In 1994 he signed to Internal Recordings (FFRR) and formed The Advent with ex Partner Colin Mc Bean (MR.G). Since then he has released a series of Albums, remixes & EP's that have combined the best elements of Techno ,House an Electro Music.

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