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On Friday, 05.10.2018 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Tronic Radio. This time the Madrid based artist NUKE, who is known for releases on MB Elektronics, Kombination Research or Harthouse.

When you hear "NUKE" you think in the creator of the biggest techno event of Spain: the CODE parties of Fabrik Club Madrid. But after spending a half of his life playing a key role in the spanish techno scene, he has proven to be much more than just a "resident DJ".

His first contact with the electronic music was while he was studying computer engineering in the University. He discovered the ìtrackersî: simple but powerful software tools that allowed him to develop his creativity and make contact for the first time with music production.

After that, he felt the need to play his music live to other people, so that lead him to become a DJ. After starting his career in small parties and clandestine raves, in 2002 he got his first residency in Surface, the techno events of Groove Dance Club. This residency gave him the chance to play for the first time with international artists such as Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Oliver Ho or Claude Young.

That year he also started his radio show "Cultura Techno", where he met his partner Cesar Almena. This was something that changed his life, because only a few months after that, they started their CODE parties with one of the biggest promoters of Spain: Grupo Kapital.

After a successful first season in Paladium, one of the venues of the company, they were offered to move to their brand-new venue: Fabrik Club Madrid.

15 years after, Code is one of the biggest techno brands in Europe and Nuke is the best representative of it.

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