Transmissions • Harry Romero


On Thursday, 05.07.2018 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Transmissions. This time the New York based artist Harry Romero, who is known for releases on Ovum, Tronic, Cajual, Stereo or Circus.

There is no question that Harry is one of the finest and most accomplished producers in electronic music, a serious beat maker like few others.

Raised in a musical family, his mother soaked the air with the Latin rhythms of merengue and cumbia, while his father, a former opera tenor, practiced his scales and listened to Beethoven. As a result, Harry is constantly looking to expand his musical range.

Harry Romero’s legendary tracks "Cro-Magnon", "Erectus", "Tania", "Night At the Black", "Beats Vol 1 & 2" and As MongoBonix "Mas Pito", never leave the playlists of serious house music DJ’s, all standing the test of time, sounding as good and as fresh now as they did nearly ten years ago.

2016 showed the world that Harry Romero was back and better than ever with releases on Suara, ToolRoom, Circus, OVUM, Tronic, Maya Records and Defected. 2016 has already seen Harry bring back the legendary Bambossa Records and with releases forthcoming on Cajual, Tronic, Circus and more.

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