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On Wednesday, 11.07.2018 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Sound Kleckse. This time the Cologne based artist Steff K'to'the'O, who is known for her straight zappy techno sound.

As a daughter of an electrician technician it was only a matter of time before the technology minded Stephanie would starts to produce her sound as electricity. Already at the age of 6 Steff rather played with circuit boards, soldering irons or the commodore 64 which legendary 8bit sound kindled the passion for electronic music in her soul.

The first music inputs comes from MTV & VIVA tv (music channels as 90s) up to the teenager's age were she spends all her pocket money mostly for new CDs, LPs or other music devices. As the years goes by, she collected different musical experiences and that was very instructive for steff.

If R'n'B, Hip Hop, Punk-Rock, Pop, Funk, Soul or Rap music, no matter which one, it must had the "certain something" of drammatic and energy, it must thrill her emotions that she take up a track into her treasure collection.

During her time as druggists education and still infected by "the spirit" of music she got to know the man of her life. His influences that wide selection of vinyls, fascinated and brought her to play techno music.

2011 they together created their own label "BasslineCologne" and organize their first techno partys "beatburg" in the area of their hometown which gaved young dj's the first possibility to play techno as a club.

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