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On Friday, 29.06.2018 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Tronic Radio. This time the Gothenburg based artist Petter B, who is known for releases on Bond, Drumcode, HzTrax, Patterns or Defected.

Petter started out behind the decks back in 1996. In 2012 he re-launched his solo career after having been a part of the famous techno duo "Hertz" for five years.

Adam Beyer immediately signed his solo material to his well-known imprint Drumcode. His first appearance was on the compilation "Swedish Silver vol.2" together with the most prolific artists within the Swedish techno scene. Adam has heavily supported Petter’s tracks in his recent podcasts and gigs and more material will be released on Drumcode during the year.

In the beginning of Petter’s DJ career he was influenced by the 90s house sounds. The way into techno was rather straightforward. In a way he saw techno as all the best parts of house exaggerated to the extreme. The purity and less-is-more approach he found within techno appealed to him in contrast to the house music’s sometimes overcomplicated arrangements of vocals, leads, bridges and chorus.

Techno was somewhat closer to the core of what he was looking for in music, skipping all the excess. He felt that techno gave him the biggest potentials to express his own creativity and character as a DJ.

After finding techno at the end of the 90s a huge interest in learning about its origin began. He wanted to learn about what drove the first pioneers of the scene, which started the legacy. Knowing your past is essential in order to be able to understand the present and to be part of creating the future, to quote Petter.

The heart of Petter B’s studio is digital but many of its veins are connected to hardware effects, synths and drum machines. The possibility to do what’s not intended is a great benefit of using hardware compared to a solely digital environment. Adding imperfections and dirt are some of the keys in his way of producing. Limitations are also something that Petter finds rewarding from a creative stand point.

To be forced to make a decision on how a sound should be and then record it, without the possibility to redo it a week later, can be a good thing. It brings focus to the present and necessity of formulating the idea in the making of a track. Trusting his ears and constantly questioning what he hears has made experimenting more rewarding over the years.

According to Petter, such things as "good luck" comes more often to those who train their senses to be sensitive enough to spot the openings when they appear. Some people might just never realize they’ve already missed them.

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