Transmissions • Criminish


On Thursday, 31.05.2018 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Transmissions. This time the Slovakia based artist Criminish, who is known for releases on Tronic, Toolroom, Unity or Funk'n Deep.

Criminish is an American Tech producer and DJ currently based in Slovakia. His work focuses on slick Techno production, mixed with hints of dark funk and deep, always pointed towards the dance floor. Criminish debuted on Christian Smith’s famous Tronic Music with a collaboration with one of Brazil’s most recognized artists Renato Cohen.

Criminish released a track on Toolroom, as well as a solo EP for Tronic, and EPs on Yin Yang and Funk’n Deep. Criminish has already done mixes for the Tronic Podcast, alongside some of the most recognised artists in the industry as well as Umek’s famous 1605 Podcast, and Koen Groeneveld’s Turbulent Radio Show.

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