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On Saturday, 17.03.2018 expects you at 18:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Materia Music. This time with the French artist Ruhbarb, who is known for releases on labels like Materia, Odd Even or District 66.

Ruhbarb is a young french, eminent of the techno scene, self-taught musician born in 1990, he is passionate about synthesis and hardware. Ruhbarb owes this musical passion which animates him, by his first free party outings during his adolescence.

Watching these people create different sounds with their machines made him want to do the same. He starts with a Korg Sampler, then progresses and learns to work the vinyl mix and computer production. Always in search of evolution, he works with more and more machines.

In order to learn MAO music, Ruhbarb has invested in a thorough learning of the basics of music. Despite the fact that her mother is a professional musician specialized in a very classical approach to music, Ruhbarb learns alone.

He listen to many varied pianists such as Debussy, Glass, Dustin O’Halloran and is very fond of a young Russian pianist Ilya Beshvli. He is interested in musical theory, he reads writings on the subject and exchanges with the musicians who compose his entourage.

He is passionate about harmonic tensions, "there is something mystical about it", his favorite being the music of Jonh Williams of "Jaws", which creates an entire universe with only two musical notes and which marks a whole audience.

Ruhbarb seeks to create all kinds of feelings through harmony. He loves melancholy music, dark and tinted. These productions have to tell something and to transmit a certain atmosphere.

Its influences are very broad and varied. At first, an attraction for techno artists mixing piano and film music, such as Jon Hopkins // Nils Frahm, Apex Twin, specialized in mixing electronic and acoustic style, finding the right balance between machine and human being. In a second time a more electronic influence like Lucy, Recondite, Moderat, Inigo Kennedy, Polar Inertia, Zadig.

Ruhbarb’s first EP released on Odd Even, André Kronert’s German label, was highly appreciated by the technosphere. He is an artist in contant evolution, passionate and invested whose projects reap great fervor from its audience.

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