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On Sunday, 25.02.2018 expects you at 16:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Slam Radio. This time with the Berlin based artist Denise Rabe, who is known for releases on ARTS, Mutewax, Ressort or Stem Records.

Born in the 80s in a small German town by Bielefeld, Denise Rabe was mixing, scratching, and beat juggling Hip Hop beats by the age of sixteen.

Her journey into sound led to experiments with House and Drum & Bass, which finally took her to Berlin in 2011 to further feed her need for music.

Tel Aviv label and promoters Legotek took her in as family in 2012, but shortly after her brief affair with house music she surrendered to her roots and the darker side of music and in no time she was playing venues at the legendary Tresor. Her Berghain debut took place in 2016.

May 2017 she had her debut in the US and was part of the after show party at Interface - Movement Festival in Detroit, alongside Drumcell, Tommy Four Seven, DVS1 and so on.

Rabe's development provided the opportunity to perform many roles, from radio show host on Berlin's Sweatlodge to artist booker for Ipse, until Feb 2015 when she started hosting her own night: HIDE and SEEK. Carefully selected guests like Claudio PRC, Luis Flores, VSK, Madalba among others.

2015 saw her debut as a producer as part of Mutewax 003 but she truly made her mark shortly thereafter on ARTS Records with
"Penumbra", her first solo E.P. (incl. Rrose remix), which reached the #1techno charts on Decks Records.

Her second EP on ARTS "Oneirology" incl. a remix of the Swedish duo Shxcxchcxsh came up in June 2017.

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