Transmissions • Lander B


On Thursday, 08.02.2018 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Transmissions. This time the Spanish artist Lander B, who is known for releases on Natura Viva, Beat Therapy, Reload or Stick Recordings.

Owner of Maskerade, the spaniard Lander B is an artist that has risen to his level by producing real, different, big room techno, filled with synth elements and amazing basslines

Lander B started his career as a producer in 2005. Getting through hard work and dedication, he released on many of the most important labels of the moment like Stick Recordings, Natura Viva, Beat Therapy records, Dark Face, Reload Records, while in the near future he will be on Pornographic Recordings, Florida Music Records, Bush Records, Transmit Recordings and many more.

His music is characterised from big synths, intense musicality and wide and punchy basslines, where at the same time, Lander B is not afraid to incorporate in his compositions, classic instruments like piano, or vintage sounds, thus creating an unparalleled musical signature, unseen among producers on the genre.

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