MindTrip • Pfirter b2b Jonas Kopp


On Sunday, 10.12.2017 expects you at 17:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of MindTrip. This with a b2b-set by the Buenos Aires based Pfirter and the Berlin based Jonas Kopp, recorded live at 1988 Live Club Rennes.

Pfirter, is one of Argentina's finest techno exports. Pushing a sound that is at once dark and uplifting, old school and fresh, he's gradually evolved into a club music all-rounder, DJing, producing and running one of techno's brightest imprints, MindTrip.

He's put out massive records on the likes of CLR, Figure and Stroboscopic Artefacts, and performed everywhere from Berghain and Tresor to Awakenings, I Love Techno and Time Warp.

As a deeply spiritual man, Jonas Kopp believes his music can bring people together on a higher level: connected through art. “I know my mission in this life is give service and help to make people awake-aware through my gift.”

He also plans to give back to the scene by acting as a mentor to new artists. Viewing music as a form of therapy is close to Jonas’ heart and sees his ambient project - Telluric Lines - could be performed in non-club environments such as museums, galleries and beyond. Drawing people together under the umbrella of hope.

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