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On Thursday, 07.12.2017 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Transmissions. This time the Lisbon based artist DJ Vibe, who is known for releases on Twisted, Stereo, CrackHouse, Statra or Kaos.

It was in 1983, at the age of fifteen, that VIBE performed for the first time – at the Bataclan Club, in Lisbon. At the time, he was also helping out his Father working in his Record store. This was the first store to import dance music maxi-singles from the US – soon Vibe started to pay attention to this music style.

Ever since the beginning of his musical career DJ VIBE has been chosen to open up new dance floors such as Plateau Club and Alcântara-Mar Club. He has also been selected for long-term residencies in Clubs such as Kremlin, where he was the resident DJ for 7 years, and Lux Frágil, where he worked for 10 years.

Apart from performing at the Rock in Rio music festival, he was invited by MTV to be part of the "Isle of MTV" lineup, an event which passed through Lisbon, bringing with it Morcheeba and Gorillaz.

Regarding DJ VIBE’s passion for Dj’ing, his CV goes well beyond Clubs. He has widely performed on the radio, and has regular shows in Rádio Comercial, Rádio Energia and Antena 3.

DJ VIBE consolidated his career throughout the years, and apart from passing trough Portugal’s most prestigious stages, he has also performed in the United States, England, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, Holland, Japan, among others, where he shared a booth with the best worldwide Dj’ing personalities.

DJ VIBE has not only worked as a Disc-Jockey (Clubs and Radio), but has also dedicated himself to the production and remixing of other artists such as Banda LX90, “NYLX” project and USL project – Underground Sound of Lisbon – where he came up with his biggest hit “So Get Up”.

Throughout his career, DJ VIBE has won several awards such as, for example, the "Best DJ" award at the Italy Convention in 1995, or the "Best National DJ" by the Dance Club Awards in 2005.

His excellent mixing technique, along with his unique and consolidated style that covers a wide range of genres within Dance Music during a performance gave DJ VIBE his own status. He is also known for not being afraid to try new sounds in any occasion.

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