Deepicnic • Brenda


On Wednesday, 18.10.2017 expects you at 19:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Deepicnic. This time the Chicago based artist Brenda, co-producer of the FormatFM podcast series and A&R for Format Recordings.

She’s also the most recent member of Noisefloor - Chicago, a collective of independent, strictly underground labels and artists gathering monthly to celebrate their passion for the darker, harder, and jackin’ side of techno.

Brenda’s a classically trained pianist and saxophonist, a foundation that allows her to draw inspiration from all kinds of music, from soulful jazz to dark and gritty drum and bass.

She began DJing in 2013 and has already played at some of Chicago’s best clubs, including Castle (Vision) on their closing night after a 25-year run, as well as Sound Bar, Exit, and underground events.

Brenda has been involved in the underground scene since the late 90’s. At 14, she attended her first rave in a south-side Chicago warehouse, initially drawn to the unity, freedom, and acceptance of rave culture and the incredible music that is Chicago House.

Her Techno obsession was sparked after hearing Richie Hawtin’s (Plastikman) "Sheet One", Jeff Mills’ "The Bells", Green Velvet’s "Flash" and there was no looking back.

After that, she helped organize many events with Strobehouse, a Midwestern-American production crew, including DIY tents at the first annual Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Movement) and the legendary 3-day Even Furthur camping rave in rural Wisconsin, USA.

Last year, her Furthur experience came full circle, as she both co-hosted a DIYss (Format Recordings, Vibeonauts, Mushgroove) and performed as an artist at the 20 year Furthur Anniversary event.

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