Deepicnic • Lakvaba


On Wednesday, 27.09.2017 expects you at 19:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Deepicnic. This time the Hungary based artist duo Lakvaba, who are known for releases on Airsound, Phunk Traxx, Color House or Riot.

Lakvaba is an emerging Techno project from Hungary. It was created by Fülöp Norbert & Jegesy Andor Martin in 2012. Their passion for underground music began at the age of 18, when they started performing as a DJ in local parties.

After a lot of joint action, they realized that they are better together, so they decided to create Lakvaba. They have improved their own caracterized style of techno, which is perfect for the modern underground dancefloors.

In 2014 they started to make their own music. The first EP called "Black Home" was released on Airsound Records in 2016.

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