PoleGroup Radio • Svarog


On Sunday, 21.10.2018 expects you at 17:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of PoleGroup Radio. This time the Ukranian artist Svarog, who are known for releases on Illegal Alien, Affin or Nachstrom Schallplatten.

Svarog. The artictic name of Oleska Moroz (inspired by ancient mythology), musician and DJ from Lviv, Ukranie.

He has started his career in 2015 releasing music on labels like Circular Limited, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Affin Ltd., Black String Records as well as in Mexican label Illegal Alien, Animal farm or on Pole groups’ own Aine.

His sound is personal and unique, always focusing in dark but evocative textures, combining saturated timbres, industrial sound and atmospheric landscapes, even broken rhythms.

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