Slam Radio • Nur Jaber


On Sunday, 02.07.2017 expects you at 16:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Slam Radio. This time the Berlin based artist Nur Jaber, who is rapidly gaining momentum on the international circuit of electronic music.

Growing up playing the drums and bass guitar this talented Producer/DJ’s powerful musical roots saw her arrive in Berlin in 2010 and find her way into the house and techno clubs of this magical city.

Originally coming from a beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, the cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music always having deeper messages and meanings.

She gained a plethora of valuable experiences at Boston’s Berklee College of Music over the summers she moved more toward electronic music, in particular music that makes you dance!

The last few years, a resident in Berlin she has kept busy in the studio working on various music projects, events, and of course her label OSF. Landing a residency at ‘Staub’ parties at About Blank she has gained much respect from the local Berlin techno supporters.

2017 year is definitely a strong year so far with her label kicking off its first 2 vinyl releases featuring a V/A release & a solo EP by herself. Consistency and determination has been the real driving force for her career.

The first few months of 2017 saw her debut in Paris, Leipzig, Berghain, Amsterdam, Dresden and Nantes. We can surely expect more emotional and energetic productions as well musically varied and journey-like DJ sets that hold no genre limitations.

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