Mutual Respekt • D.R.N.D.Y.


On Saturday, 03.06.2017 expects you at 19:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Mutual Respekt. This time the Serbia bases producer D.R.N.D.Y., who is known for releases on Phobiq, Agile, Respekt or Driving Forces.

As a kid D.R.N.D.Y always loved to enjoy in all kinds of music. In 2013 he decided to make his first steps in world of music. Hard work, love and dedication with every day since then helped him to make his unique style which he present today. In his sets you can hear from Detroit to power melodic modern Techno.

His production is bigger with every day, tracks signed on some of the most powerful labels on the world such as Agile, Phobiq, Respekt Recordings, Driving Forces, Renesanz, Evolution, Selected and many more. That he is seriously big talent showing that his music is supported by some of the best techno DJs in the world..

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