Slam Radio • Time Traveler


On Sunday, 02.04.2017 expects you at 16:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Slam Radio. This time with the Cagliari based artist Time Traveler, who is known for releases on his own label ChroniclesDiary.

Time Traveler is the glitched light behind the timestretch shadow, the journey in the deepest frquencies. Through a language that finds its highest expression in the industrial distorted apocalyptic techno. Browsing the Chronicles diary’s pages we could the sound of the rusty machines and the uncoded datas comes from future calculators.

The forward vision of the stylist Cinzia Araia, trace the idea of Time Traveler through his shoes, the leather’s cuts, the strong contrasts in the absolute black of his creations or as the artist calls them his "City stompers". The visionary duo of designers Khourianbeer, which together Araia complete his look wrapping everything the artist fit during is journeys.

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