Transmissions • Weska


On Thursday, 30.03.2017 expects you at 20:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Transmissions. This time with the Berlin based DJ and producer Weska, who is known for releases on labels like Octopus, Respekt or Tronic.

Emerging from the Toronto underground and now a fixture in the global scene, Weska's passion for the electronic music scene first began with a pair of Newmark TT500s and a two-channel mixer at the age of 15. Years later, he found his way into the studio. Melodic yet at times dark, his visions are consistently translated into distinct and commanding tracks.

Embodying that energetic spirit, his productions land on the dance-floor with immense vitality, working with labels such as Tronic, Octopus, and Kraftek to name a few. Weska has been known to explore the depths of musical styles, but one thing is for sure - he always remains true to his passion: techno.

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