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On Monday, 20.03.2017 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of Death Techno. This time with the Buenos Aires based artist Mental Resonance, who is known for releases on labels like MindTrip or PoleGroup.

Admired Argentinian virtuoso known as Mental Resonance makes his DT debut following a back catalogue of music on labels such as Pfirter’s MindTrip, Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup, Arnaud Le Texier’s Children of Tomorrow and Weekend Circuit to name only a few.

Serious and savvy, his selections are always superb, full of mind bending frequencies and captivating characteristics. Let loose and submit to sounds from Rrose, Pär Grindvik, Jeroen Search, Paul Mac, Tensal, Ness, Unbalance and many more.

Mental Resonance is the alter ego of Guido Camino; a producer born in May 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 20 he began taking his first steps in musical production, always influenced by Detroit and Birmingham sounds with regard to Techno music.

Through his work we find a variety of styles, mixing the 90’s old school sound with the current, sounds that are always powered by energy and spirit, making it timeless and fresh.

As his stage name suggests, he is always focused on the mental side, never ignoring the strength and the impact on the dance floor, full of strong and aggressive rhythms.

Many of his works were launched by very important European labels. In 2014, his first release on vinyl with the Spanish label Dark Rose called "The Unknown Being EP", opened Mental Resonance new doors to the world of production. Editing their works on labels such as Belief System Records (Germany) and Sonntag Morgen (Italy).

Currently in 2015, he released his music with prominent labels like Children Of Tomorrow (England), sharing a "Split EP" with the French producer Coldgeist, which was really successful and got the support of many important artists of the global scene. Later, his work entitled "Translation EP" was released by White Rose Records (Spain) with a remix of his friend and label owner Miki Craven.

This year, Mental Resonance’s work, landed in two sub-labels under the famous Frozen Border label. "Divine Blood EP" was edited by Reference Records and one of his more recent work: Purification EP was released by Naked Index.

Mental Resonance is growing and progressing constantly, with new EPs scheduled for reputable labels, performing in institutional places and night clubs.

With regard to his DJ role, his mixture of hypnotic sounds, creates environments characterized by combining classic tracks with other contemporary ones, generating sensations of tension and depth.

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