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On 16.01.2017 appeared the 38th release of the US based label Octopus Black. The Russian artist Makism Dark has dropped a great EP, which contains 3 original tracks based on his very unique deep minimalistic style.

A young talented musician and Live DJ playing only his own tracks. Whilst he may be a fresh name to some, Russian producer Maksim Dark has already impressed the likes of Dubfire and Richie Hawtin with his fearless, groovy brand of techno. In 2016 he issued a release on a big label boss Dubfire called SCI+TEC, has already tempted us with an early introduction to the "Acidstage" EP via his recent Boiler Room set.

He developed his passion for music in his early teens. At age 16 he began to study and experiment with music. He had a lot of ideas, but he was too young to afford expensive studio equipment. This did not prevent him from doing his first 100 releases on a pair of cheap speakers.

After a couple of years on those speakers, people noticed his unique sound, Maksim continued to explore and extract something new every day of making music. Over the past 4 years, he managed to write over 100 songs and 40 remixes for talented musicians from Europe, as most of the tracks released on his own label Shinocs Music, and half of the tracks on the labels of other friends from Europe.

Also during this time he managed to produce vinyl records on labels such as Der Hut (Germany) and La Boheme Recordings (Germany) and entered the top 5 best-selling vinyl records in the store. Maksim's released 4 albums, each album has brought and more popularity and held a big ratings. And many more of his tracks are in the top sections.

He gained a lot of respect in Europe, as well as countries in other continents, such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and even India. He has his own style of music. That is what the people like and make them feel something else. There is support from the Russian colleagues in the shop to write music in the style of Minimal Techno.

Title: Electrobirds
Artist: Maksim Dark
Label: Octopus Black
Release: OCTBLK039
Release Date: 16.01.2017

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