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On 13.01.2017 appeared the 277th release on the Philadelphia based label Ovum. The both Italians Fideles and Fabio Neural have dropped a EP with three original tracks, which are much more than a sci-fi statement.

Fideles and Fabio Neural emerging at the start of the decade with solo releases in all the right places, the both men have alsoestablished a collaborative pedigree. First on Thirtyonetwenty in 2014, then Truesoul last year, now Ovum withthree tracks that have already enjoyed a very successful signature Wink roadtest. Waiting Drop is an exercise in pure cosmic theatre.

Tapping into some of synth musics most classical tonesand ideas, its majestic, evocative and cathedral-like in its nature. Let yourself rise and rise and rise until youfeel theres nowhere left to rise Then rise some more. A gamechanger that will work across the entire techspectrum when played at the right time, this is a modern classic.

Title: Waiting Drop
Artist: Fabio Neural, Fideles
Label: Ovum Recordings
Release: OVM277
Release Date: 13.01.2017

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