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On 04.02.2017 expects you S!CK, the first techno event for a audience over 30‘s in Frankfurt/Oder. The featured artist is the Berlin based producer Ixel, who is supported by the mainliners: Ronny Gee and Dextar.

The idea behind S!CK is a series, which will provide events for a audience over 30‘s. The guys behind Sound of Eastside want to bring the generation of the last decade back to the dancefloor to celebrate a unique night. Each event will feature an artist, which is supported by the mainliners: Ronny Gee & Dextar.

The first guest will be the Berlin based producer Ixel, who is known for his raw style and his dark sound textures with releases on labels like Kaputt, Wall Music, Flash, Organism or Gynoid Audio. His first vinyl-album "Hidden Shapes" was released this year on Wall Music and his current EP is out on Flash.

Sound of Eastside:

Sound of Eastside is not a style, it is rather a brand. It reflects the experience of more than 20 years of two DJs who always are looking for new and fresh sounds, ranging from Electronica on House to Techno. Seasoned with a propensity for a healthy Underground attitude, but without losing themselves.

Besides a pronounced stylistic baseline is always played, anything goes. In this case, sometimes a classic slip between where purists occasionally beat his hands above his head. But that is precisely what distinguishes the two DJs. In addition to a decades gathered Back Catalogue, it is always new and fresh sound in the foreground.

Their sets are played by Internet radio stations worldwide, and they are always welcome guests at various podcasts. But their sound is heard only rarely in their province. They were the ones who played in this area for many years far beyond its borders, polarized and finally also have greatly influenced.

This is exactly why they want to offer with Sound of Eastside an alternative for the older generation with a careful selection of the best club sounds and artists. It will be offer a platform for newcomers and veterans. With a maximum of 3 DJs per event every artist should be given enough time to respond to his audience. In a dignified round it should offer a musical entertainment regularly appeals to the young and old followers of electronic dance music.

Date: 04.02.2017
Start: 23:59 CET
Location: Laguna, Briesener Str. 7, 15230 Frankfurt/Oder

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