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On 21.12.2015 appeared the 4th release of the US based label AFTER. Records. The Italian Producer Luca Gaeta has released two origninal tracks and two remixes of the title track by The Reactivitz and Drunken Kong.

Known for his collaborations with different artists, the Italian Producer Luca Gaeta provided always high quality stuff. At the end of December 2015 he released two strong orignal tracks on AFTER. Records, an sublabel of Funk'n Deep. But the real reason why we mention it here is the amazing remix of the title track by the Japanese duo Drunken Kong, which was played in many many radio shows and podcasts around the world.

The title track Desolation starts with rough pumping bassline which will lead you into an deep groove with a dark synth-phrase. The dark atmosphere of this track is omnipresent and is accompanied by well-placed hi-hats and claps.

The Reactivitz created an high-energy rework of Desolation, which lives from the the typical Reactivitz hats and a wide open bassline. The France based producer has added also an little voice sample which underlines the dark atmosphere of the original.

The Drunken Kong remix is the real highlight of this release. It is on of these tracks where you know after the first seconds that is a floor bomb. The amazing dynamic and the clear sounds make this remix simply unique. The well-placed arrangement does the rest. Well done!

The 2nd orignal track Future contains a strong rhythm combined with a acid-line which leads you to the whole track. The massive groove is simply the figurehead of this track - a perfect tool in each mix.

Title: Desolation
Artist: Luca Gaeta
Label: AFTER. Records
Release: AFTEREP004A
Release Date: 21.12.2015

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