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On 07.12.2015 appeared the 161st release of the Madrid based label Selected Records. The Barcelona based Producer Dave Sinner has dropped 4 orignial tracks, which will show his high quality productions skills.

STD161 Moving On EP:

We are not fans of Best of the Year nominations but if we would do it, this EP would be a part of it. Dave Sinner is one of these artists, of which one has hardly heard anything. But then appears an EP like this one and the tracks appear again and again in the own tracklists. All 4 tracks are containig very clear mastered sounds with a pounding dynamic.

The title track Moving On reminds strongly on productions of the Ukrainian producers like Skober or Spartaque. The pumping bassline transports fresh synth-sounds followed by an uplifting vocal which will lead you in a wide open break with a perfect kick into the amazing groove of this track.

Shattered starts with a rough and solid beat. The spicy snyths and the very clear claps/hi-hats underline the punchy groove of this track. It's simply a great tool for each mix.

What We Deserve comes along with a more dub-based bassline but it contains a similar punchy groove like Shattered. This track is also more a tool than a peaktime bomb. The relaxed synths and the lazy hi-hats are leading the groove of this track.

The last track Lost Beyond Streets And Canals follows the title track and after the first seconds you will know it - this a peaktime bomb. A dreamy vocal leads you into the massive groove which transports an high quality space of synth-sounds.


01. Dave Sinner - Moving On (Original Mix)
02. Dave Sinner - Shattered (Original Mix)
03. Dave Sinner - What We Deserve (Original Mix)
04. Dave Sinner - Lost Beyond Streets And Canals (Original Mix)

Title: Moving On EP
Artist: Dave Sinner
Label: Selected Records
Release: STD161
Release Date: 07.12.2015

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