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On Saturday, 09.01.2016 expects you at 20:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of Dextarmusic. This time with a exclusive mix of the Italian DJ and Producer Radio Complex, which will run in front of Dextar's usual live stream.

Radio Complex:

Radio Complex comes to life in 2015 already sporting a number of high profile collaborations with the likes of Pig & Dan, Ron Costa, Alberto Ruiz, Forest People, Alex Bau and Tony Dee, and as label owner at Illogic Music. He also co-owns Analogic Sound Recordings together with Christian Bonori.


2006 sparked internet radios his attention and he discovered new possibilities. So he started his first own radio show called Advanced Mix Series on a small Internet radio with the name 2deejaysRadio.

In 2007 he was involved by his old friend Ronny Gee in the Event-Crew Sound of Eastside and support him in the management in the preparation of the content on the Internet and as a DJ.

Also in 2007, he moved to a large Internet radio project named shouted.fm, launched his successful radio show called Dextarmusic there and led the team of the stream mth.Club! The radio show Dextarmusic evolved to the magnet every 2 weeks and presented a Guest-Mix of known artists. Musically, the show was between tech-house, minimal house and minimal techno.

In 2010 he finished working with shouted.fm and decided to build its own Internet radio. For over a year he programmed on the radio site and built with a good friend on the server system.

In April 2011, it was ready and the internet radio under the name soe.fm was online. He fulfilled his dream of many years and dedicated himself entirely to this project.

The Dextarmusic radio show was on soe.fm course but occasionally continued the DJaying remained through the work on the project more and more on the track. While working on soe.fm the sound was harder, which did not go over well at it.

In November 2012, a good friend with a digital setup encouraged him to hang up without turntables. With a heavy heart as previously loyal vinyl DJ he started to collect MP3 files. Thus he landed back at Techno - without exception. Since then he has also heard regularly on the radio again, new sets and published with the sound always on the pulse.

Currently, after almost 20 years as is the name dextar back fully for Techno: impulsive, forceful and restless. It seems like a revival of the days of Ron H., but far from it, because he made a big step forward.

He never stopped at one point and he has moved steadily with time, never been unfaithful to his style. He has made techno over the years to his figurehead.

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