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Many artists are sharing free tracks to their followers to get a viral spot on the social networks. Mostly is it unreleased stuff which aren't signed to a label. We want show some very good and some really aweful examples.

Free Downloads:

Free Downloads are mostly single tracks which are only useful for DJs to use it in their sets. The DJs are the biggest customers who buy these releases of the artists. So the most Producers are sharing their free Downloads as an 320kbit MP3 or WAV in order to provide a good quality.

Unfortunately, there are also some really aweful examples which we will show you later. As a guideline for our review applies the quality of the tracks (encoding, mastering) and not the style.

Let us start with some really cool stuff where quality rather than quantity applies and each free Download is provided as an 320kbit MP3 or WAV.

Now we want show you two aweful examples.

We are very grateful in general for giveaways like this but in the last time we noticed that some artists are sharing their "presents" with 3rd party services where the user must share some personal data. Which means you will redirect to external websites which aren't familar with the artist' pages.

There you have to click on some links which will run external API-services to share the track on your own social-network accounts (phishing risk). Or you have to enter your email-adress, to get involved in some unwanted newsletters (spam).

After that you will get the file and you have to realize that you just get a low quality encoded MP3 with 192kbit or 128kbit. Everyone who is djing electronic music knows that something like this is not usable and at this point a "thank you" is understandably out of place.

When you contact these artists to let your lack of understanding about this practice, you get answers like these:

"This track is for free for the fans who listen to music. This in not for DJs. DJs on the curcuit will get as promo in mp3 and wav."

"if you're a dj you will get, but if you're not, you can say thank you. Artists are not supposed to give their work fo free? It is what we do to make living. Stop complaining and be grateful."

Well done! This is now the big love which results the open heart of artists like this to share a free track to the own fans? Maybe the love was not really big enough to notice that the DJs (out of the artist's curcuit) which are buying and playing the tracks are also fans and listen to music. Really strange to see how feel artists like this to DJs which are out of the artist's curcuit.

At the end you feel like a suppliant who can be happy that he gets anything at all. No matter how good or bad it is. This practise sucks and it sucks also to see/read how arrogant react some big artists.

But the funniest thing ever on this story is the fact: If we compare the count of followers on the soundcloud account with the growing count of plays and we try a look on the intial post on facebook then it will be clear which magic is working here - not more than payed plays and likes. This is more than embarassing for an artist like this. And if we check the comments on soundcloud we will find some users which noticed the same bad quality.

This story happened here and you will get a 192kbit MP3 file after sharing your personal data:

And here an example where you will get a low quality 128kbit MP3 file: "Heres a track i Produced for the Fans..."

Nobody demands from these artists, they should offer something for free. But if an artist decided to offering something for free for his fans, it was supposed to be at least the same quality as he/she sell it. It should be also provided by a direct Dowload instead to send the fans to an 3rd party service to grab their personal data. Anything else would be hypocrisy and mocked their own fans. But it seems some artists are only interested on the viral spot.