Transmissions • Alexandar Ivkovic

On Thursday, 24.12.2015 expects you at 19:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of Transmissions, hosted by Boris. This time with the Belgrade based Alexandar Ivkovic, known for his harmonic combinations of Techno and House.

Alexandar Ivkovic:

He started his profesional career as a DJ in 2002. In 2004 he joined a renowned serbian techno organization called Tehika 8x8. Working hard on his skills and production he manage to be a part of great music festivals and parties, working side by side with big names of electronic music scene.

In the past years, he has shifted complete focus to music production and has released on label such as: Desolat, Bitten, Serkal or Sanity. All releases being supported by the biggest names in the industry.

Alexandar says that Techno is essence of his music. Punchy and groovy beats, additional vocals, dynamism and energy in tracks makes the perfect combination that can let people feel the music. Harmonic combinations of techno and house music is his trademark.

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