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On 14.12.2015 appeared the 20th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT Records. This time the Berlin based Caremajor provided 3 original tracks and a remix by the Spanish artist Unam Zetineb, also known under UZB.

DEAD CERT. Records is a Techno label based out of the UK. Previous releases have featured music from people including Audio Injection (Truncate), Joachim Speith, Hans Bouffmyhre, Miss Sunshine and Rich Jones (Operator) to name but a few.

Now on its twentieth release it welcomes Berlin based Caremajor aka Julian Krämer who comes hotly tipped after recent releases on labels including Illegal Alien, Abstract Mechanisms and Cracking Claps.

Providing the remix on this release is Spanish artist Unam Zetineb who also releases under the name of UZB. Between his two production aliases he has built up an impressive back catalogue which includes Dustin Zahn's label Enemy Records, Hans Bouffymhre's Sleaze, Joachim Spieth's Affin and DJ Hi-Shock's Elektrax to name but a few.

The first track Persistence is no doubt made for the dancefloor, a spooky melody reveals itself as the engaging hook, powered by a tough beat that rarely backs down for the duration. Added harmonics progress the track to the crescendo, where it bursts into life with a deep and soulful shine, which makes it a staple statement for any DJ set.

Unam Zetineb's stunning rework has a distinct driving and hypnotic aesthetic that throbs and pulsates from the bottom up. Chopping muted samples and sonic flashes create tension that builds intensely. The main hook steadily creeps in, which acts as a highlight over the pounding yet highly intricate beat.

Integrity shows off a straight and abstract style that hints at a somewhat space exploration. The sounds are smooth, yet strong. Throw in some haunting atmospherics and deep textures that are completed by acid tweaks and glitches riding through the mix of this unique vision.

He fourth and final track titled Concinnity takes a further look at Julian's excellent execution of melody, which is set up for being delivered at a sunset or sunrise with it's dreamy chords. A striking mood, balanced with a stomping rhythm, makes this easy to get lost in and surrender to its neatly woven spell.

Title: Inner Awareness
Artist: Caremajor
Label: DEAD CERT. Records
Release: DEADCERT020
Release Date: 14.12.2015

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