Out of Control • Erik Tronik

On Wednesday, 16.12.2015 expects you at 17:00 CET on soe.one a new episode of the Out of Control Podcast, hosted by Sunny Tekk. This time with a exclusive mix of the Italian based DJ and Producer Erik Tronik.

Erik Tronik:

Erik is a young talented DJ and Producer who was born near Milan, Italy in 1986. Since childhood, he has had a kind of symbyosis with music. This symbiosis had drawn him into the Minimal, Dub and Techno scene. Soon he decided to learn the noble art of DJing and producing.

He bought all thenecessary tools to be a DJ. Day after day he began to gain knowledge of his Console and in 2008 he started playing his own music. He actually works for labels such as Darknet, Android Muziq, Contrast-R and many otherscollaborating with artists like A.Paul, Kai Randy Michel, Electrorites and many more.

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