Releases • PHOBIQ0125D Eriss EP


On 23.11.2015 appeared the 125th release of the Italy based label Phobiq, founded by Sasha Carassi. Steam Shape dropped a EP with 4 original tracks, which are showing the high quality skills of the Hungarian duo.

After their appearance on the Abilities compilation, Steam Shape come out swinging with four shadowy tracks. Output is up first, with hypnotic electronics clearing the way for grand stabs and melodic riffs over a grinding rhythm section.

Eris picks up from there and whips out the looped-out vocals, as acidic phrases and shattering sub-bass interlock effortlessly with the rocksteady drumset. The title tracks's rumbling low-end provides the perfect backdrop for creeping synthesis and tasty, staccato chords. It leads us to the closing Predestination where we are introduced to frantic claps, unfolding synths and haunting phrases.

Title: Eriss EP
Artist: Steam Shape
Label: Phobiq
Release: PHOBIQ0125D
Release Date: 23.11.2015

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