LFR Radio • Drunken Kong

On Tuesday, 08.12.2015 expects you at 21:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of LFR Radio, hosted by La Famiglia Recordings. This time with the Japanese duo Drunken Kong, well-known for their activity in the Tokyo techno scene.

LFR Radio:

Welcome back to LFR Radio, a podcast provided by Montreal based record label La Famiglia Recordings every two weeks. Drunken Kong is a duo formed by D Singh and DJ Kyoko and based in Japan.

One day in 2010 they started doing a track together and since then their duo has been on fire. Since 2010, they worked on diverse productions leading them to release on some very prestigious labels such as Tronic, !Organism, Loose Records, Unity Records or Beat Therapy among others.

Their music is a mix of experimentation throughout different styles of techno as they both come from different backgrounds. Don’t be surprise if you recognize some of their productions as they got the likes from very big names in the industry.

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