Transmissions • Technasia

On Thursday, 19.11.2015 expects you at 19:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of Transmissions, hosted by the Brooklyn based Boris. This time for episode 100 with a guest-mix of the Hong Kong based Technasia.


For thirteen years Technasia has created a unique east/west fusion that moves seamlessly from the Paris club scene, to the streets of Hong Kong, to the hippest techno venues in Europe. Founded by Charles Siegling and Amil Khan in 1996, Technasia thrived as a duo for almost a dozen years.

Now, Charles has gone solo, taking Technasia into 2010 as a one-man project. Unlike a Hollywood divorce, the parting between Siegling and Khan is truly amicable. Hong Kong based Khan retired from Technasia to spend time with his young family.

Despite the change, Siegling has always been the front man in terms of DJing and performing live, so Technasia is as thrilling and full-bodied a live experience as ever. If anything, Siegling is even more determined to infuse every aspect of Technasia with his utter absorption in sound, the passion born of 25 years engrossed in electronic music.

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