Transmissions • Lolla Tek & A++

On Thursday, 12.11.2015 expects you at 19:00 CET on soe.one a new edition of Transmissions, hosted by the Brooklyn based Boris. This time with a guest-mix of the Amsterdam based Lolla Tek and the Romanian  A++.

Lolla Tek:

The rise of new school techno unveiled a wave of a new breed in rhythm romantics, and Lolla Tek is definitely one of them. Rooting in minimal techno, she spent 8 years behind the decks of top stages in her home town Amsterdam, as well as toured within Europe, UK and South America.

Shaping her style under influences of modern currents in dark electronica, Lolla Tek implemented it into her productions which found their way to fast-growing labels in 2015 and brought her name into spotlight.

Personas as Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Spartaque, Felix Krocher, Tony Dee, Richie Santana and more used her productions in their DJ sets at the most famed and cult events world-wide. Merging driving techno with minimal and rave influences, adding a hint of dark house, Lolla Tek serves a blend of hypnotic, trippy, powerful and raw, dark experience.


Born and raised in the illustrious Romanian underground scene, Alex is the man behind the buttons. Between running his own imprint and stamping his already infamous A++ signature onto a highly addictive form of electronic music, the time frame for creative output is perfect.

A++ developed a sound that embodies a unique understanding of both house and dark techno. Not only reworking the gateway between these two genres, but also creating his own style.

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