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On 12.10.2015 appeared the 157th release of the Spanish label Selected Records. Labelheads Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy released their first entirely unpublished album full of vintage sounds with gloomy touches.

STD157 13:

The hidden meaning of number 13 is change, the death of something and its rebirth. This is the idea behind Gabriel DOr & Bordoy's new album 13, which is meant to be a turning point on their career. Influenced by old school Techno but also by modern sounds, after 6 years of production partnership, theyve decided to release their first entirely unpublished LP.

The album, made out of 13 cuts, starts with a dark intro that paves the way into a forceful kind of Techno, followed by vintage sounds with gloomy touches and sometimes even emotional ones. Theyve used many instruments and samples discovered along the way on this composition process, plus lots of others found in the previous years.

The sounds put together on this album have been carefully picked to preserve their uniqueness, while trying to walk on a different path.

Title: 13
Artist: Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy
Label: Selected Records
Release: STD157
Release Date: 12.10.2015

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