Death Techno • Jamaica Suk

On Friday, 07.08.2015 expects you at 22:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Death Techno. This time with a Exclusive of the Berlin based DJ and producer Jamaica Suk, known for her smooth progressions and DJ experience.

Death Techno:

With a history of quality music in the family, Jamaica Suk grew up in San Francisco, USA where she attended audio engineering school and now resides in Berlin after a short trip changed everything.

She consistently impresses with her mix selections, obvious ear for smooth progressions and stand out tracks through her productions and DJ experience.

The mix is an exploration of tough industrial to hypnotic styles that includes Tensal, Oscar Mulero, Subjected, Exium, Tadeo, Deepbass to Dustin Zahn and more.


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