Death Techno • Alex Dolby

On Friday, 24.07.2015 expects you at 22:00 CEST on soe.one a new episode of Death Techno. This time the Italy based DJ and producer Alex Dolby delivers a Exclusive LIVE Recording, a trip through hypnotic to tough styles.

Death Techno:

Affekt Recordings and club owner from Italy, Alex Dolby delivers the 24th Exclusive LIVE Recording for Death Techno. A quality artist in his own right having releasing music on Sian’s Octopus, DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon, Timo Maas’ Rockets & Ponies for example.

Fresh off his recent second LP called Oman on his own imprint Affekt, this set shows his great techno sound as he takes a trip through hypnotic to tough styles and full of killer tracks.


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