Releases • DC143 Lost Boys

On the 22.06.2015 appeared the 143rd release of the swedish label Drumcode. Bart Skils returns with a amazing EP. The swelling bass within each track manoeuvres the 4 tracks into dark after-hour's territory.

DC143 Lost Boys:

Featuring heavily on most of Drumcode's shows, Bart Skils is back with a new EP flexing his signature rolling sound. Caressing from one track to another, the use of pads and hooks in this EP and the use of uneasy sounds helps to build tension in each track.


01. Bart Skils - Lost Boys (Original Mix)
02. Bart Skils - Blue Nile (Original Mix)
03. Bart Skils - The Sweep (Original Mix)
04. Bart Skils - Dark Days (Original Mix)

Title: Lost Boys
Artist: Bart Skils
Release: DC143
Release Date: 22.06.2015

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