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On the 15.06.2015 appeared the 16th release of the UK based label DEAD CERT. Records. Vegim returns with another top draw release, includuing 3 original tracks and one remix by Affin`s labelhead Joachim Spieth.

DEADCERT016 Sginal Handling:

DEAD CERT. Records returns with another top draw release by TMM Records owner Vegim. Based in Kosovo he is a Techno producer known for his unique and instantly recognisable production style. Having a recent release on Rebekah's label Decoy Records, his music can also be found on Reaktivate, The-Zone Records and A.Paul's Naked Lunch.

Also featured on this release is the one and only Joachim Spieth, who founded the legendary Affin label. Now based in the epicentre of Berlin, Joachim is more involved with music than ever.

Having previously released on labels including Kompakt, Traum and Thoughtless Music, he is often busy in the studio. Although he regularly releases original material he limits himself to only a small handful of remixes each year and being somewhat of a rarity, he always pulls out all the stops and really turns up the heat.

The first track on this release is titled “Analogue Tension.” Layered hi-hats provide the momentum whilst a ride cymbal adds intensity to the fast drum flowing rhythms. The textured synth parts create a dark atmosphere, that’s filled with a rising acid line and industrial stabs. But it’s the rushing FX sounds and grating percussion that skims across the mix which adds a sense of panic and power to this dancefloor focused Techno monster.

“Digital Fracture” is the second track on the release, with a rolling groove that’s lead by a hypnotic melody part. The industrial sounding white noise bursts are reminiscent of steam being released from pressure valves in a factory. Complimented by eerie FX sounds which are thrown from left to right, the tracks rawness has an almost menacing feel to it.

The third track comes from Joachim Spieth, who takes on Digital Fracture with devastating effect. Taking no prisoners, Joachim takes the originals key elements and cuts them down to a tight loop that lurches forward. A powerful mechanical feel can be heard throughout that has the momentum of a high speed train. His remix is both harder and more relentless than the original whilst he adds even more character to the already killer hook.

The final track on this four track EP is called Binary Trip and itÂ’s in many ways the most straight forward track on the release. Containing an energetic rolling drum rhythm, the track is led by rising synths, which twist and morph as the track develops. When the synth reaches an apparent peak and the intensity starts to become overwhelming, the mood is broken by a heavy clap that releases the tension and leads into the break down just as the name suggests.


01. Vegim - Analogue Tension (Original Mix)
02. Vegim - Digital Fracture (Original Mix)
03. Vegim - Digital Fracture (Joachim Spieth Remix)
04. Vegim - Binary Trip (Original Mix)

Title: Sginal Handling
Artist: Vegim
Release: DEADCERT016
Release Date: 15.06.2015

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