Elektronic Force • Damon Wild

On Saturday, 18.07.2015 expects you at 18:00 CEST on soe.one a new edition of Elektronic Force, hosted by the Belgium based Marco Bailey. This time with a guest-mix of the legendary NYC based DJ and producer Damon Wild.

Damon Wild:

Damon Wild is an American techno artist, dj and label boss of Synewave Records. Damon is internationally respected in the world of electronic music.

He was born was and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and at the age of 15 and he already began dj’ing, spinning alternative music on the college radio airwaves, mixing a wide variety of music anywhere from industrial, punk, 80’s New Wave to the acid house beats from Chicago to NYC.

After playing in various night clubs in New Orleans to Chicago in the late '80s, he decided to move to to New York City to encounter a bigger challenge and mission.

Within months, he began working for Sonic Groove Records in Brooklyn and he also became the label manager for Experimental Records (EX); signing many new artists such artists as: Dj ESP (Woody Mcbride), Electric Indigo, Freddie Fresh, Tim Taylor, Joey Beltram, Dennis Ferrer, Cari Leckebush, DJ Hell and many others.

Experimental Records emerged to be one of America’s leading electronic labels by the late '90's. In 1993, he began Synewave Records and it took off with a collaboration project between himself and former EX producer Dennis Ferrer (Objektivity), when they formed Morph. The first release titled Stormwatch was was later created into an album concept for New Electronica / Beechwood, UK.

Damon has produced and collaborated with others to make dozens of productions such as Bang The Acid (Wild & Taylor), Rising Sons - Afghan Acid (Wild & Taylor), The Pump Panel Ego Acid (Wild & Taylor), and Equinox Pulzar. In 1994, he created solo classics such as 000, Rotary and Avion and The Subtractive Synthesis.


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