Radio • 4 Years


For 4 years ago a work of more than 1 year was completed and soe.fm was online. Two guys worked hard to let a dream come true and the result was a base for a quality output of electronic music and web content.

4 Years:

soe.fm was founded by Ron Holzhey (Schedule-Management, Web-Development, Tech-Administration) and Martin Daniel Graff (Tech-Administration).

After the first 12 months, the paths of the two parted but the work of Martin will never fall into oblivion. If he should read this article: We thank you! After this break Ron doesn't give up. He optimized  and hitech the system steadily.

Ronny Gee was involved since the first ideas on soe.fm and also the name-father for the station name. the letters SOE was previously the initials of a event-series with the name Sound of Eastside.

After the end of it the name should live on and so the idea for the name originated. Ronny is one of the main-men behind the radio station and is working also as project-manager. He is also hosting his own monthly radio show Pressure Chamber.

Chaozzbine was joined the team in the first months and she has supported the radio-page with fresh content as promodiser and she was always there for us. Later she was granted as project-manager.

Many thanks goes to David Zona from Valencia. He is supporting soe.one since the beginning with his weekly radio show Genericos!

Elanetique was one of the first solid DJs and member of the team, the radio supplied with fresh sounds weekly and content support as a project-manager. Also here we are saying: Thank you!

Between the first 12 months Michael Pooch was joined the team and has developed a big part of the back-end solutions and have also played live on soe.one! He left the team after 1 year but his work will never fall into oblivion. One of his ideas was the show Listen to to promote guest-mixes with different artists. This show is also still used today. Since 2014 it is back in service!

January 2012 we have started a cooperation with the UK based podcast-series Death Techno. Since the start we have been working together to present the premiere of the new episodes bi-weekly Friday's or every 2 weeks. On this point many thanks goes out to Iain aka Jack! Who?. Death Techno is one of the hallmarks of the radio and has the style of soe.one decisively influenced.

The newest entry in our team is Sunny Tekkmouse. She is hosting on soe.one the Bizarre Porn DNA - Out of Control Podcast since some months. She provides a platform for new talents to show their work on her huge fanbase. Thanks for all Sunny!

soe.fm stands from the beginning for themselves and the quality in all areas, currently even better than ever before too. There were ups and downs with the thought of the project dying, but we could not be dissuaded, even if it is not always easy.

Without you listeners who never leave us alone and without the DJs that provide us again and again with fresh sounds or labels that show us constantly how much fun electronic music is, we would not be where we are now.

Last but not least we can say it again and again: thank you! :)